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Last updated: 15 Jun 2024

Canada Real Estate Agent Directory & List of Companies

List the real estate company or agent located in Canada to our business directory to start using multiple tools for realtors, brokers and real estate agents in Canada. Present your company, its featured properties, products and services. Invite clients to watch property videos to better visualize a property even before a site visit.
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Brief Overview of Realty Market in Canada

Canada's real estate market is known for its stability and diversity, offering a wide range of residential and commercial properties. The market has been a significant contributor to the country's economy, attracting both local and international investors.

Overview of Residential Real Estate in Canada

The residential real estate sector in Canada is diverse, with various housing options available from coast to coast. Major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal experience robust demand, driving property values. As of the latest data, the average home price in Canada is approximately 1 million CAD, with variations across provinces and territories.

Overview of Commercial Real Estate in Canada

Canada's commercial real estate market is characterized by a mix of office spaces, retail properties, and industrial facilities. Cities like Toronto and Vancouver serve as key hubs for commercial activities. The demand for sustainable and technologically advanced commercial spaces is on the rise, reflecting global trends in the industry.

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